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Modern businesses are understanding that audio is still a great way of reaching customers and is in fact a growth market.
Podcasts are a way of reaching and keeping new customers who are not only brand loyal to you, but also become brand ambassadors.
We offer a bespoke podcast creation and marketing service, designed to increase your business's brand profile.

Podcast Production

We can help you with your podcast pre-production (planning, scripting, casting), production (recording) and post-production, (editing). All our packages include two 20 minute podcasts per month.

Digital Hosting

Your podcast will get its own website and will be uploaded and shared through all major current podcast providers (including podbean, itunes, google podcasts and spotify).

Brand Marketing

Our packages include digital marketing to raise your brands awareness and customers. This includes our podcast hub, The Voice Press, as well as social media marketing, seo and other relevant online channels.


We offer two main packages, with additional services as optional add-ons.

Basic Premium
$2,995/month $4,995/month
Branded Podcast (x2)
RSS Feed Hosting
Podcast Website
Podcast Social Media
SEO Service
Voice Talent $200 add on

We offer additional services to our clients, which are usually quoted for on request. If you'd like to know more, please reach out to us as we are more than happy to dicsuss it.


What is a podcast, and why should I care?

  • What is a Podcast?

    Podcasts are recorded audio files, usually delivered in a series of episodes over a perdiod of time, allowing listeners to subscribe. Podcasting attracts a young, educated and affluent audience.

  • Why do I need one?

    Research shows that podcast listeners are active listeners, with 69% of them agreeing that podcast ads made them aware of new products or services. As a channel of marketing streaming audio is growing (in Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music).

  • Some Facts

    50% of all US homes are podcast fans. That's over 60 million homes*

    There are an estimated 124 million podcast listeners in the USA**

    Localism Matters: listeners want to hear content that's unique to local markets*

    *Neilsen Q3 2017 - **Edison Jan 2018

  • The Future

    Smart speaker adpotion is growing at a faster rate than the early days of smartphones. In car listening is also growing and represents a major potential source of new customers. Brands and advertisers need to quickly develop an audio strategy that accounts for these dramatic changes*

    *Edison Jan 2018

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Daniel Quin

- Founder. Producer. Sound Engineer. -
Writer. Podcast Producer and Creator. Decades of Sound Design.

We also use a network of professionals to assist us when we need help, including graphic designers, photographers, audio engineers and web developers.

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